Research Article
Apps at Hand: An Intelligent Mobile User Interface for Fire Recognition Algorithm

Yan Qiang, Yue Li, Wei Wei and Juanjuan Zhao

Information Technology Journal, 2014, 13(1), 12-21.


The rapid growth of mobile apps gives rise to the challenge of discovering apps in the mobile systems while it concurrently brings the problem of intensive screen space consumption for mobile devices. To be specified, users always need scrolling screens of apps just for discovering and accessing one of them. The traditional forest fire recognition algorithm couldn't achieve low time-consuming and high accuracy at the same time. To the features of forest fire image, discussed the significance of forest fire prevention combining sea computing, studied and proposed the forest fire recognition algorithm based on sea computing. Used Qt/Embedded to design the algorithm according to the characteristics of the sensor node and then completed the judgment of color and region by this algorithm through additive color model and Sobel operator. Finally, the results were automatically fed back to the sink node. The experiments showed that, this algorithm not only completed the instant detection and recognition of forest fire but also synchronously achieved higher accuracy rate and lower time-consuming compared with the traditional methods.

ASCI-ID: 28-2384

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