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Research Article
Soil Formation on Different Landscape in a Semi-humid Region of Turkey

A. Durak and A. Surucu

Journal of Agronomy, 2005, 4(3), 191-195.


The purpose of this study was to determine the relation between pedogenesis and landscape (LS) in various slope and elevations located in the coast of Black Sea region in north of Samsun, Turkey. The landscape is characterized by Quaternary fluvial deposits, tertiary calcareous rocks and mesozoic basalt. Eight pedons were examined by field investigation and laboratory soil characterization techniques. A Typic Haplustalf on the summit position had the greatest degree of pedogenesis. However, a Typic Ustifluvent, with the minimum soil formation, formed on toeslope position. The soils on shoulder and backslope position were determined as a moderate development formation.

ASCI-ID: 31-169

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