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Research Article
Applicability of Ensemble Clustering and Ensemble Classification Algorithm for User Navigation Pattern Prediction

V. Sujatha, M. Punithavalli and V. Thavavel

Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 2013, 6(3), 210-219.


Web Usage Mining (WUM) is used to discover user navigation pattern from Web log data. This study presents the Prediction of User navigation patterns using Clustering and Classification from web log data. In the first stage Predicting user navigation pattern using Clustering and Classification (PUCC) focuses on separating the potential users in web log data and in the second stage clustering process is used to group the potential users with similar interest and in the third stage the results of classification and clustering is used to predict the user future requests. The experimental results represent that the approach can improve the quality of clustering and classification by applying the ensemble model to group the clustering and classification algorithm for user navigation pattern in web usage mining systems.

ASCI-ID: 33-128

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