Research Article
Response of Wheat to Different Phosphatic Fertilizers in Varying Textured Salt Affected Soils

S.M. Mehdi, N. Sajjad, M. Sarfraz, B.Y. Khalid, G. Hassan and M. Sadiq

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2003, 3(7), 474-480.


A field investigation was carried out to compare the efficiency of different phosphatic fertilizers in salt affected soils at three different locations. Sites First and 2nd were saline sodic having coarse texture (loamy sand) while site third was sodic in nature and have fine texture (clay loam).All the sites were low in organic matter contents and extractable K while available P was in medium range. The sources of phosphorus tested were single super phosphate (SSP), triple super phosphate (TSP), diammonium phosphate (DAP) and nitrophos (N/P).The rate of phosphorus applied was 110 kg P2O5 ha-1 from all the sources along with N and K @ 140 and 70 kg ha-1 respectively. The results showed that grain and straw yields were improved by the application of phosphorus over control from all the sources. All the sources remained at par with each other at all the sites except DAP at site three (sodic) where it was found inferior to other sources used i.e. SSP, TSP and N/P. Phosphorus concentration in grain and straw was found non significant in all the treatments. While phosphorus (P) uptake was significantly affected by the phosphatic fertilizers application. Maximum P uptake was recorded in the treatment where TSP was applied except in grain at Ist site and in straw at 3rd site where SSP proved better. However both the sources remained at par with each other. Nitrophos in case of grain remained at par with TSP and SSP while in case of straw it was significantly inferior to TSP and SSP. Diammonium phosphate (DAP) was proved an inferior source at site Ist and 3rd than TSP and SSP. However P uptake in all the sources was significantly higher than control.

ASCI-ID: 35-546

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