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Research Article
Geoelectrical Soundings and their Relationship to Channel Seepage Areas at the Kaffrein Dam, Jordan

Awni T. Batayneh, Abdallah S. Al-Zoubi and Mohammad M. Abu-Ajamieh

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2004, 4(1), 28-37.


A geoelectrical survey utilizing a Schlumberger array has been made at the Kaffrein dam site, northeast of the Dead Sea, Jordan, in order to investigate the subsurface channel seepage areas and to evaluate the hydrological conditions of the dam. Ten vertical electrical soundings (VES) were conducted in October 2002 utilizing the Campus GeoPulse Resistivity Meter. The VES were taken with a maximum spacing of 500 m. Geoelectrical sounding data were interpreted by partial curve matching technique to obtain the initial 1D model parameters. This initial model was then used to obtain the final layer parameters through inversion technique. The best-fitting lower bound (minimum) and upper bound (maximum) models were derived under 1 to 2% error level. The VES indicate the presence of a conductive layer (7.7-109.7 Ωm) inside the alluvial deposits, which may be ascribed to the presence of circulating water beneath the axis of the dam. The precipitation of iron oxides and magnesium minerals on do lines, as well as the monitoring of seepage on shallow boreholes downstream have confirmed the electrical resistivity results.

ASCI-ID: 35-577

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