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Research Article
Characterization of Elliptically Polarized Light and Rotation Angle of PBS in Three-Longitudinal-Mode Laser Interferometer Using the Jones Matrices

Saeed Olyaee and Shahram Mohammad Nejad

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2007, 7(19), 2806-2811.


In this study, the periodic nonlinearities resulting from ellipticity of polarized light and rotation angle of Polarizing Beam Splitter (PBS) with respect to the laser axis are presented. The nonlinearity in the three-longitudinal-mode laser interferometer is mathematically modeled using the Jones matrices. Based on the nonlinearity compensation for two-color interferometers, a new optical setup and signal conditioner circuit is also designed. Using the nonlinearity compensation setup, the peak-to-peak nonlinearity of 2.64 nm due to two-elliptically polarized modes in combination with rotation angle of polarizing beam splitter is successfully reached 26 pm.

ASCI-ID: 35-1998

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