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Research Article
The Effect of Change in Refractive Index on Wave Propagation Through (FeS2) Thin Film

E.I. Ugwu, P.C. Uduh and G.A. Agbo

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2007, 7(4), 570-574.


Wave propagation in inhomogenous feS2 film was studied and the influence of the change in the refractive index introduced as a perturbation on EM wave propagating through the film. The solution of the scalar wave equation was obtained first using series expansion solution method of Green’s function with appropriate boundary condition. The result was written as sources of two fields where the second term was considered to be correction term due to the perturbation or small change in the refractive index. The influence of large step in refractive index and surface impedance offered by the film medium to the propagating wave was discussed.

ASCI-ID: 35-1654

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