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Research Article
High Capacity Persian/Arabic Text Steganography

M. Shirali-Shahreza and S. Shirali-Shahreza

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2008, 8(22), 4173-4179.


One of the methods introduced for establishing hidden communication is steganography. Steganography is the art of hiding information in a cover media without attracting attention. Text documents are one of the common cover media used for steganography in past. Steganography in text is more difficult than other media because there is a little redundant information in text documents. In this study, we propose a high capacity text steganography method. Our method can hide about 400 bits in each kilobyte of text. In Persian and Arabic, each letter can have four different shapes regarding to its position in the word. In this method this feature of Persian and Arabic languages is used for information hiding. In the Unicode Standard, there are different codes for different forms of each letter in addition to the code for letter presentation. This method has a high hiding capacity, because it hides one bit in each letter. Also, this method does not make any apparent changes in the original text and has a perfect perceptual transparency.

ASCI-ID: 35-2647

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