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Research Article
Mineralogy of Clay Raw Materials from Cote d`ivoire: Case of the Deposit from Katiola

E.B. Kpangni, Y.Y.J. Andji, K. Adouby, S. Oyetola, G. Kra and J. Yvon

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2008, 8(5), 871-875.


This study deals with two clays referenced K1 and K2, used in the local and traditional manufacture of pottery ware at Katiola. Those samples were analysed by X-rays diffraction, infrared spectroscopy and thermal differential and chemical techniques. The results show that the samples (K1 and K2) are mainly composed of montmorillonite, kaolinite and illite. Only K1 is inter-stratified. The mineralogical balance achieved from the reflection (001) of the oriented film, indicate for K1: 74.5% of montmorillonite; 13.5% of inter-stratified clay; 7% of kaolinite and 5.4% of illite and for K2: 73.4% of montmorillonite; 23.5% of kaolinite and 3.1% of illite. The results also indicate that the raw material may not be use only for pottery. It can be consider in the protection of the environment, cosmetic industry, vegetable oil treatment, medicine etc.

ASCI-ID: 35-2309

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