Evaporation Losses from Sprinkler Irrigation Systems under Various Operating Conditions

Research Article
Evaporation Losses from Sprinkler Irrigation Systems under Various Operating Conditions

A. Bavi, H. A. Kashkuli, S. Boroomand, A. Naseri and M. Albaji

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2009, 9(3), 597-600.


The sustainability of irrigated agriculture depends upon consistently achieving high irrigation application efficiency. In semi-arid areas, the portion of water that might be lost due to wind and evaporation would be significant. Thus a proper understanding of factors affecting spray losses (Ls) in sprinkler irrigation is important for developing water conservation strategies. The objectives of this study include: characterize Ls under different weather conditions and operating pressures for semi-portable hand move sprinkler system in western south of Iran (Khuzestan Province); propose adequate predictive equations by using multiple regression and Suggest several recommendations for helping about design and management for sprinkler irrigation system in semi-arid areas. The results showed that wind velocity and vapor pressure deficit were the most significant factors affecting the evaporation losses. Exponential relationships between the evaporation losses and both wind velocity and vapor pressure deficit have been found. For the operating pressures used in this study the least effect on evaporation was found. Combined losses from a sprinkler system for a given set of operation conditions have been estimated by using the results obtained from the experiments. Combined losses ranged from 4.4 to 8.9% of the applied water.

ASCI-ID: 35-2777

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