Effects of Climatic and Hydraulic Parameters on Water Uniformity Coefficient in Solid Set Systems

Research Article
Effects of Climatic and Hydraulic Parameters on Water Uniformity Coefficient in Solid Set Systems

H. Moazed, A. Bavi, S. Boroomand-Nasab, A. Naseri and M. Albaji

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2010, 10(16), 1792-1796.


In order to study the effects of different wind conditions, operating pressures, various sprinklers layouts and spacing on water distribution uniformity in sprinkler irrigation system a research project was conducted under 3 different wind velocities (0-5, 5-7 and > 7 m sec-1), using 3 operating pressure (35, 40 and 45 m), three spacing on the lateral pipeline (15, 18 and 21 m) and 3 different layouts (square, rectangular and triangular). Simulation experiments were conducted to estimate water distribution uniformity. The results indicated that the distribution coefficient uniformity decreased with the increase of the wind velocity. With the increase of wind velocity up to 7 m sec-1, the decrease of coefficient uniformity was not significant (the coefficient was reduced by 20% in the range of wind velocity applied). The highest water distribution coefficient uniformity was occurred on 15x5 m spacing while the lowest value was achieved for spacing of 21x21 m and sprinkler spacing to spray diameter of 0.5x0.5 with the increase of sprinklers spacing to the spray diameter, coefficient uniformity is reduced, especially at higher wind velocities. Therefore at higher wind velocities, it is recommended to reduce sprinklers spacing to spray diameter ratio and use square arrangement in order to achieve acceptable uniformity.

ASCI-ID: 35-3567

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