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Research Article
Tensile Stiffness of MERO-Type Connector Regarding Bolt Tightness

M. Ghasemi, M.R. Davoodi and S.A. Mostafavian

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2010, 10(9), 724-730.


In order to take into account the connector effects in structural analysis, their behavior under applied load should be predicted. In double layer grids that are an important family of space structures, the main internal forces are axial forces and bending effect is secondary. In the present research, to determine force-displacement relationship of MERO jointing system, some tensile tests were carried out on a connector of this type with different degrees of bolt tightness. The obtained force-displacement relationship was used in the analysis of a double layer grid which its experimental response was available. The experimental results show that the degree of bolt tightness has significant effect on the connector behavior. Also, results obtained from analysis with connector consideration, give better approximation of actual response of the grid in comparison with the analysis regardless of connector effect consideration.

ASCI-ID: 35-3432

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