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Research Article
Simulation of n1-p2 Microcrystalline Silicon Tunnel Junction with AMPS-1D in a-Si :H/μc-Si :H Tandem Solar Cells

Abbas Belfar and Rachida Mostefaoui

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2011, 11(16), 2932-2939.


The electrical properties of a-Si:H/μc-Si:H micromorph tandem solar cells was studied with computer simulation. In this study, AMPS (Analysis of microelectronic and photonic structure)-1D is used to study the output parameters, Short circuit current (Jsc ), open-circuit Voltage (Voc), Fill Factor (FF) and Efficiency (η) of single (a-Si:H, μc-Si:H) and (a-Si:H/μc-Si:H) double junction solar cells. The carrier transport at the junction between the two p-i-n subcells is simulated with the help of a thin heavily defective Recombination Layer (RL) with a reduced mobility gap. The comparison between the output parameters of the above different types solar cells is given. The substitution of the N1 (a-Si:H) layer by a N1 (μc-Si:H) layer in the tandem structure (P1-I1-N1/RL/P2-I2-N2) leads to an improvement of the output cell parameters : Jsc increases from 11.607 to 12.00 mA cm-2, FF increases from 0.670 to 0.710, the Voc increases from 1.347 V to 1.541 V and the efficiency increases from 10.460 to 13.127%. Moreover, the impact of the N1 layer and the profiling in the energy band gap realized by N1-P2 microcrystalline tunnel junction at the characteristics of tandem solar cells is also studied in this study.

ASCI-ID: 35-4272

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