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Review Article
Drying Studies of Tropical Fruits Cultivated in Malaysia: A Review

C.L. Hii, S.P. Ong and C.L. Law

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2011, 11(24), 3815-3820.


This study aims to compile and review the drying studies that were carried out for tropical fruits cultivated in Malaysian. The total cultivated land area for fruits is recorded at 298,429 ha with production at 1,767,800 metric tonne per year in Malaysia. Per capita consumption of fruit in Malaysia is estimated at 48.82 kg for year 2010. Over production of fruits during harvesting season often leads to food spoilage and wastage. Therefore, by preserving these fruits in dried forms the range of products can be further diversified and its market share expanded. The potential of rare fruits should be further envisaged in future drying research. However, such fruits are not planted and consumed widely and remain low profile in Malaysia. These fruits contain unique medicinal value which is beneficial to human health.

ASCI-ID: 35-4381

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