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Research Article
Red Cheese Production from Soymilk by Monascus purpureus and Lactobacillus casei

C. Lorrungruang, K. Sinma, P. Pantagrud, S. Wannasirisuk, K. Mahabandha and K. Khucharoenphaisan

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2014, 14(21), 2819-2824.


Cheese is a dairy product with high nutrition and usually made from cows, sheep and goat milk. In this study, cheeses production from soymilk by using Lactobacillus casei (L), Monascus purpureus (M) and combination of L. casei and M. purpureus (LM) were investigated. The result found that protein coagulation of soymilk could be performed by direct inoculated with Lactobacillus casei and combination of L. casei and M. purpureus which L. casei produced lactic acid to decrease pH to pI of protein in soymilk. While the curd was not occur in the soymilk inoculated with only M. purpureus. Red cheese was produced by adding LM to the cultured soymilk at 8 weeks of cultivation time compared with using M for protein coagulation. The growth of M. purpureus changed chemical compositions of the red cheese from both M and LM especially fat and protein contents. Fat content dramatically increased from 15.84±0.18-18.97±0.58% during ripening contrary to cheese using L. casei fermentation for protein coagulation without M. purpureus adjunction. Adhesiveness of red cheese M and LM increased from 12.58±0.26-0.17±0.70% and 19.36±0.75-6.99 ±0.63%, respectively. In contrast, protein content was decreased from 44.56±0.55-0.09±0.47% during ripening of cheese L. Red cheese M and LM decreased from 45.24±0.44-5.34±0.57% and 43.97±0.64-1.20±0.52%, respectively. In the sensory evaluation, the red cheese from soymilk had accepted more than that from cow’s milk and blue cheese in aspect of odour.

ASCI-ID: 35-6102

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