Research Article
A Method of Least Squares Error with Iterative Resampling for Frequency Tracking in Smart Grid

Hui Li, Chun-Jie Cao and Liang Yuan

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2015, 15(8), 1093-1102.


Phase angle and amplitude of a phasor can be provided by method of Least Squares Error (LSE). The LSE adopted iteratively is able to track the frequency and amplitude of power system in steady states and in kinds of non-steady ones. Iterative LSE with resampling is analyzed in conditions of off-nominal input, nominal input with harmonics and decaying Direct Current (DC) offset and additive Gaussian white noise. In the circumstances of frequency and phase step changes, performance of resampling LSE is compared with traditional LSE. Resampling LSE has better performance than the traditional one in frequency tracking ability and can provide less mean square error.

ASCI-ID: 35-6336

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