Research Article
Constraints and Potentials of Fish Markets in Chittagong City: A Case Study of Kazir Dewari Bazar

Abul Khair Mohammed Shafikul Hasan, Mohammad Elius Hossain, Md. Simul Bhuyan, Mohammad Saydul Islam Sarkar, Md. Masum Billah and Dilruba Chawdhury

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2018, 18(3), 138-145.


Background and Objective: Fisheries sector plays a significant role in the economy of the country. The marketing system with good management and environment is pre-requisite for sustainable economic structure. The present study was executed to know the existing drawbacks and potentials of Kazir Dewari Bazar. Along with some recommendations was extracted from the study area to improve the existing Bazar condition. Materials and Methods: The survey was conducted in 2017 for collecting the field data by using different methods (e.g., structured interview, Focus Group Discussion and Key informant interview etc.). Results: The Bazar is very important to the local community but with some common problems. Intermediaries had great influence on the fish seller income (p<0.05). The environment of the Bazar was not up to the mark. The market condition was not hygienic for handling fish due to lack of proper physical facilities. This unhygienic environment causes various health problems to sellers and buyers. Marine fishes are the common fish in the Bazar. Importantly, the fishermen and retailers got limited profits while stockists (Aratdars) received high profits from selling fish. Consequently, the financial condition of the fishing community and the retailers were not good enough. Conclusion: Physical facilities like processing, packaging, sanitation, water supply, drainage, cleaning, washing, maintenance and other necessary measures were not sufficient in the Bazar. This situation can be improved by proper management of the Bazar committee and strict monitoring from the government.

ASCI-ID: 35-6509

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