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Research Article
Productive Performance of Lactating Buffaloes Fed Ration Containing Date Seed and Fibrolytic Enzymes

M.S.A. Khattab, E.A. El-Bltagy, A.M. Abd El Tawab, O.H. Matloup, T.A. Morsy, H.H. Azzaz and M.M. Abdou

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2019, 19(3), 241-246.


Background and Objective: Utilization of date seeds (processed date by product) as a feedstuff in diets of farm animals are being in spotlight, this study were carried out to investigate the effect of feeding diets contain cracked date seed with or without fibrolytic enzyme, versus control diet using Egyptian buffaloes. Materials and Methods: Fifteen multiparous lactating Egyptian buffaloes (600±30 kg BW) were randomly assigned for 90 days in a completely randomized experimental design. Buffaloes were randomly assigned to 3 groups and fed a basal diet of concentrates, Egyptian clover and rice straw in a ratio of 50:30:20 DM basis (T1), the second group fed (T2) concentrate feed mixture, cracked date seed, Egyptian clover and rice straw as 35:15:30:20, respectively and the third group fed as T2 diet plus fibrolytic enzyme. Results: T2 groups had reduced feed intake (p>0.09) and DM, OM, NDF and ADF digestibility (p<0.05) than control (T1). While, T3 improved fiber digestion (NDF and ADF) compared with T2, with no differences with control (T1). Similarly, T2 resulted in lower (p<0.05) daily milk yield, energy corrected milk and milk efficiency (p<0.05) compared with T1, whilst, T3 improved the milk yield and ECM and milk efficiency compared with T2 (p<0.05) but without differences with T1 (p<0.05). Conclusion: It could be concluded that using cracked date seed with fibrolytic enzymes in lactating buffalo's diet improved feed conversation and productive performance with no negative effect on animal health.

ASCI-ID: 35-6547

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