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Review Article
Role and Mechanisms Lowering Cholesterol by Dietary of Probiotics and Prebiotics: A Review

Mohamed G. Shehata, Malak A. El-Sahn, Sobhy A. El Sohaimy and Mohamed M. Youssef

Journal of Applied Sciences, 2019, 19(8), 737-746.


Cholesterol plays a pivotal role, since it is a necessary compound for functions of brains and heart. Moreover, cholesterol is an important precursor for biosynthesis of some important hormones. Notwithstanding, high cholesterol is a leading risk factor for human cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Most pharmacological agents that are utilized in the control of hypercholesterolemia are bile acid sequestrates, fibrates, niacin and cholesterol absorption inhibitors. Nevertheless, these drugs have also been correlated with many adverse effects that limit treatment agreement as well as the state of life. Live micro-organisms that possess healthy benefit upon consumption are namely probiotics being different from prebiotics. The latter are defined as non-digestible food components and selectively stimulate the growth of probiotics. Probiotics and/or prebiotics could be used as alternative supplements to exert health benefits, including cholesterol-removal effects. In addition, there are several articles on the cholesterol-lowering ability of probiotics. Many mechanisms for cholesterol removal by probiotics have been suggested. Some of these mechanisms include: deconjugation of bile via bile salt hydrolase, binding of cholesterol to cellular surface of growing cells, coprecipitation of cholesterol with deconjugated bile and incorporation of cholesterol into the cellular membrane and short-chain fatty acids produced by oligosaccharides. The current paper reviews the mechanisms of action of the cholesterol-lowering potential of probiotic micro-organisms and functional food contain probiotics and prebiotics, with the aim of lowering the risks of cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases and also focus on the ability of combination of probiotics and prebiotics (synbiotics) to be novel substitutional to chemical drugs for elimination of hypercholesterolemic problems.

ASCI-ID: 35-6615

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