Research Article
Study on Relations Between Heterosis and Band J in DNA Fingerprints of Xiaoshan and SR92 Chickens in China

X.P. Liu, K.W. Chen, K.H. Wang, J.Y. Wang, G.J. Dai, X.Y. Zhang and G.B. Chang

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 2009, 8(9), 1765-1767.


Xiaoshan chicken is a well-known breed in China. It has good meat quality and three yellow character. SR92A chicken and Xiaoshan chicken are parents. Sixty five offsprings were reared. DNA Fingerprint (DFP) of parental strains were conducted using one middle-repetitive DNA probe EAV (endogenous avian retroviral). Based on presence or absence of band J (3.48 kbp) in their parents, we carry out 4 mating combinations. -/- for absence of band J in both parents; -/+ for absence in sire, presence in dam; +/- for presence in sire, absence in dam; +/+ for presence in both parents. Quantitative traits recorded for offspring are body weight at 75 days and slaughter traits. The results show that the 75 days weight heterosis generated by -/- type is 74.1 g higher than generated by non-selected populations. We can infer that the allele may be corresponding with the different expression of genes between parents and offsprings. We find band J allele has a bearing on weight heterosis, which will lay a solid foundation for locating weight heterosis QTL.

ASCI-ID: 156-1767


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