Research Article
Identification of Cause of Shrimp Quality Loss Due to Farm Operation and Post Harvesting Handling at Depots and Markets of Bangladesh

Ahmed S.U., P.K. Sarker, M.N. Islam, M. Kamal and M.A. Mazid

Journal of Biological Sciences, 2001, 1(4), 188-191.


The study was undertaken in eighteen selected shrimp farms, fifteen depot and fifteen markets of different locations, viz. Paikgacha, Rampal and Shaymnagar of greater Khulna district to observe the variation in quality and quantity of shrimp production of the farms operated by trained manpower with the application of improved management aspects at different degrees to that of the traditional farms and to identify the causes of post-harvest quality losses of shrimp produced from the farms at depot and market levels. Data reveals that a significant higher production 398.50 kg ha–1 can be achieved from the improved managed farms against the low yielded traditional shrimp farms (170.80 kg ha–1) with a positive impact of management on the quality of shrimp. For post harvest quality loss of produced shrimps at depot and markets, the major causes identified were poor quality non-chlorinated water, non-maintenance of personnel hygiene, poor drainage and sanitation system, unscientific holding system, poor quality of ice and ice shrimp ration, long time transportation in unscientific packet material, defective infrastructure of the market place etc. The estimated loss due to improper handling, icing and transportation calculated as about 8-25% in the coastal shrimp producing area of greater Khulna district.

ASCI-ID: 38-164

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