Research Article
Light Microscopic Structure of the Ureters of Rhode Island Red (RIR) and White Leghorn Chicken (WLH) During their Postnatal Stages of Growth and Development

Kh.N. Islam, M.Z. I. Khan, M.N. Islam, A. Ahad and M.S. Mazumder

Journal of Biological Sciences, 2001, 1(4), 272-274.


The light microscopic structure of the ureter of RIR and WLH chicken of Bangladesh has been analyzed as histologically in the present study. Based on the histological architecture, the ureteral wall were clearly identified into three layers; mucosa, muscularis and adventitia. The lumen was roughly circular in cross section in both types of genetic groups. The histological features of the mucosa, muscularis and adventitia were remained same in different developmental stages. The epithelial wall of the ureter consists of a tall pseudo-stratified columnar epithelium in the cranial part through the middle part of the ureter which were transformed into transitional epithelium in the caudal part of the ureter in both Rhode Island Red (RIR) and White Leghorn (WLH) chicken. The presence of collagen and elastic fibers were observed in the lamina propria of the ureter. However, the population of lymphatic tissue in the lamina propria was greater in RIR rather than WLH chicken. The mucosal folds were very clear and more in RIR than WLH chicken. These differences did not depend on the developmental stages but depend on the genetic variation of the chicken

ASCI-ID: 38-195

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