Simultaneous Selection for Fodder and Grain Yield in Sorghum

Research Article
Simultaneous Selection for Fodder and Grain Yield in Sorghum

B. K. Biswas, M. Hasanuzzaman, F. El Taj, M. S. Alam and M. R. Amin

Journal of Biological Sciences, 2001, 1(5), 321-323.


A total of 31 selection indices were constructed on five characters in 33 diversed genotypes of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.). High heretability couple with high genetic advance expected in the next generation and association of characters were the basis for choosing of the characters for discriminant function analysis. Green fodder yield and grain yield have to be simultaneously improved through selection. Amongst the single character selection indices, grains/panicle offered maximum genetic worth (11.51). In general, inclusion of every character in the function, exerted a progressive relative efficiency over straight selection. The highest relative efficiency over straight selection on grain yield alone was realized while grain yield/plant (x1), fodder cutting maturity (x2), green fodder yield/plant (x3), digestible dry matter/plant (x4) and grains/panicle (x5) were concurrently integrated in the function.

ASCI-ID: 38-209

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