Research Article
Beneficiary Effect of Feeding Urea-Molasses Treated Straw on Buffalo Cows in Bangladesh

M. J. Uddin, M. Shahjalal, F. Kabir, M. H. Khan and S. A. Chowdhury

Journal of Biological Sciences, 2002, 2(6), 384-385.


The aim of this experiment was to investigate the beneficiary effect of feeding urea-molasses treated straw on dairy buffaloes. Nine animals are divided into two groups bearing 5 animals in group A and 4 animals in group B (control). The daily milk yield of UMS fed group A (2.69 kg) was significantly (P<0.001) higher than that of the control (1.63 kg) one. Lactation length was also higher in UMS group although insignificant. Further more, calf live weight gain of group A was non significantly better than B. Total feed cost were higher in group A for addition of supplement than B. Whereas, return from milk and calf live weight gain in supplemented group A was significantly better than control group B. UMS may be the best, cheapest as well as economic supplemented diet for dairy buffaloes during green roughage scarcity period.

ASCI-ID: 38-548

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