Research Article
Effects of Feeding on Semen Production in Native Cock in Bangladesh

S.K. Das

Journal of Biological Sciences, 2002, 2(12), 810-811.


To determine the effects of feeding on semen production 24 native cocks (Gallus domesticus) were studied under cage method in BAU poultry farm. Among 24 birds, 6 were fed once daily, 6 were fed twice daily, 6 were fed thrice daily and another 6 were fed adlibitumly. Semen was collected by abdominal massage method avoiding any fear and disturbance to the birds. Experiment showed that birds fed once daily produce less amount at semen than the birds fed twice daily, semen of which also less than the birds fed thrice daily and finally the adlibitum group produce the highest amount of semen. Thus the present study revealed that semen production in native cock is positively correlated to feeding. Furthermore, semen production is also related to the age of the cocks.

ASCI-ID: 38-677

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