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New Distribution Records of Sergestid Shrimp, Acetes intermedius (Decapoda: Sergestidae) from Peninsular Malaysia with Notes on its Population Characteristics

A. Arshad, S.M. Nurul Amin, S.S. Siraj and S.B. Japar

Journal of Biological Sciences, 2007, 7(8), 1305-1313.


Present research records for the first time, the occurrence of the sergestid shrimp Acetes intermedius in Peninsular Malaysia. A taxonomic account of this shrimp is provided. Notes on its habitat and population characteristics were examined based on 995 specimens collected from the Klebang Besar, coastal waters of Malacca, Peninsular Malaysia during February 2005 to January 2006. Size-frequency distribution revealed that the mean size of females consistently exceeded that of males throughout the year (TL range: 15-27.50 and 13.50-33 mm for males and females, respectively). The overall yearly and the monthly sex ratio were in favor of females. Asymptotic length (L4) and growth co-efficient (K) was estimated as 34.65 mm and 1.50 yearG1. The exponent b (2.979) of the length-weight relationship for males was found near to the isometric value (b = 3.0) and positive allometric growth was observed in females and combined sexes (b = 3.227 for females and b = 3.249 combined sexes). The asymptotic weight was calculated as 211.21 mg. The overall average growth rate of A. intermedius showed 2.10 (` 0.88) mm/month in the coastal waters of Malacca.

ASCI-ID: 38-1525

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