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Research Article
Gaucho® Seed Treatment Against Early Season Insects in Cotton Field

Ibrahim Gencsoylu

Journal of Entomology, 2004, 1(1), 34-39.


Populations of early season insect Thrips tabaci Lind. and Aphis gossypii Glov., Tetranychus urticae Koch. and Empoasca spp. was monitored in seedling cotton treated with seed treatment and foliar sprays during the 2001 and 2002 cotton-growing seasons in Aydin province, Turkey. Plant parameters were also monitored. Seed treatment with Imidacloprid (Gaucho®) affected the two populations 30-37 days after planting and did not reduce the population of the two-spotted spider mite. However, there were not significant differences between foliar and seed treatment in the seasonal average of the populations among the treatment. Thrips population in 2002 and aphid in 2001 were rarely found. Seed treatment was not necessary in each year against the two insects due to the variable population. The yields, fiber characteristics including ginning outturn, micronaire, length, uniformity and elongation except for strength and plant height were not affected from the treatments. Thus, seed treatment applications against early season insects were not necessary in recent. However, foliar spray with any insecticide was applicable compared to the seed treatment if the populations of the two pests were over economic threshold or injury level in the following years.

ASCI-ID: 48-22

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