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Research Article
Distribution and Population Dynamics of Phlebotomus Sandflies (Diptera:Psychodidae) in an Endemic Area of Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Asir Region, Southwestern Saudi Arabia

Abdelwahab A. Ibrahim and M. Abdelmohsin A. Abdoon

Journal of Entomology, 2005, 2(1), 102-108.


Phlebotomus sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) were surveyed, for two successive years (June, 1999 to May, 2001) in six Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) endemic provinces lying within 3 topographically different zones of Asir region, southwestern Saudi Arabia using sticky paper traps. A total of 1896 flies (1326 males and 570 females) belonging to six Phlebotomus species was collected. Phlebotomus bergeroti Parrot was the most abundant species regarding density and/or distribution (85.65% of the total Phlebotomus flies collected), followed by P. sergenti Parrot (10.97%) then P. alexandri Sinton (1.11%); P. papatasi Scopoli (0.95%); P. orientalis Parrot; (0.84%) and P. arabicus. (0.48%). Dominance of P. bergeroti in all surveyed sites and at different altitudes and the recorded increase in the number of leishmaniasis cases after few months of its beak of abundance may highlight its role as a probable vector of leishmaniasis in this area. The distribution of sandfly species encountered according to areas and altitudes and its relation to environmental conditions were investigated. The highest fly abundance (62.72%) was found at costal plains and foothills (0 to 800 meter above sea level), whereas 5.12 and 1.85% of flies were collected from Sarawat mountains (1600 to 3100 m) and Asir Plateau (1220 to 1750 m) above sea level, respectively. The highest fly abundance and the period of maximum risk of Leishmania transmission were recorded during the spring and summer seasons (period from March to September). The results obtained in the present study are important for the successful implementation of control programs against leishmaniasis.

ASCI-ID: 48-42

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