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Research Article
Comparison of Secondary Structure of the Ribosomal Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 of Eight Lepidopteran species from Diverse Geographical Locations

Murali R Kuracha, Bhargavi Rayavarapu, Venkata Rama Satya Kumar Duvvuri and Poduri Nagaraja Rao

Journal of Entomology, 2006, 3(3), 222-230.


A comparative study of common core secondary structure in the ribosomal Internal Transcriber 2 (ITS2) of 8 Lepidopteran species selected from different geographical locations was carried out. Among the selected insects some are serious pests of agricultural crops. Ex: Helicoverpa punctigera. Multiple sequence alignment and secondary structural analysis of ITS2 was performed to elucidate the phylogenetic relationship. These studies indicated a phylogenetic relationship among the selected insects belonging to different geographical locations. Several common features of secondary structure are shared among these species, with some of them supported by compensatory changes, suggesting the significant role by ITS2 as an RNA domain during ribosome biogenesis.

ASCI-ID: 48-78

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