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Research Article
Some Ecological Aspects of Phlebotominae Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in an Endemic Focus of Anthroponotic Cutaneous Leishmaniasis of Iran

Ali R. Zahraei-Ramazani, Mohammad R. Yaghoobi-Ershadi, Amir A. Akhavan, Hamid Abdoli, Reza Jafari, Ali R. Jalali-Zand, Mohammad H. Arandian, Nilofar Shareghi and Maryam Ghanei

Journal of Entomology, 2008, 5(1), 17-23.


Study on the Phlebotomine vectors is an interesting tool to make a better understanding of cutaneous leishmaniasis transmission dynamic which is used in prevention and control programs of the disease. This study was conducted in Isfahan city, central Iran, in 2005. Sand flies were collected with two methods, sucking tubes from indoors and sticky paper traps from indoor and outdoor resting places. A total of 3075 sand flies were collected and 10 species were identified. Phlebotomus sergenti, a probable vector of Leishmania tropcia, was the predominant species through the entire period of activity. The seasonal activity of sand flies extended from late April to early October. There were two peaks in the density curve of most species. The parous rate of P. sergenti was high in July 92.9% and August 95.7%. The susceptibility test showed that P. sergenti is completely susceptible to DDT 4%. Identification of blood meals of P. papatasi using Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) showed that 94.1% of sand flies fed on human and 5.9% on both human and poultry. The greatest risk of ACL transmission to human occurs probably during the second peak when parous rate and density of P. sergenti are high.

ASCI-ID: 48-166

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