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Research Article
Novel Approach of Geographic Information Systems on Recent Out-Breaks of Chikungunya in Tamil Nadu, India

V.M. Chakkaravarthy, S. Vincent and T. Ambrose

Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2011, 4(4), 387-394.


The study aimed to provide detailed picture and baseline data about recent outbreak of chikungunya virus in public health sectors. The data were collected from the Director of Medical Science (DMS) department of economic and statistics in Chennai. The present investigation, chikungunya outbreak in different districts of Tamil Nadu was plotted in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and rainfall was correlated to forecast with recent outbreak. Smoothing methods was adapted to filter the data. Chikungunya outbreak was high at 8 districts; chikungunya fever cases were not recorded in 1 district, chikungunya prevalence was very low in 2 districts and in the rest of 19 districts, chikungunya fever cases were moderately recorded in Tamil Nadu. The re-emergence and epidemics are unpredictable phenomena but the impact of such events can be ameliorated by appropriate knowledge and by being in the right state of preparedness.

ASCI-ID: 40-103

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