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Research Article
First Record of Three Species of Gerreids (Pisces: Perciformes) from the Jaffna Lagoon, Sri Lanka

S. Shutharsan and K. Sivashanthini

Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, 2008, 3(5), 334-339.


The present investigation is an attempt to record three species of gerreids for the first time from the Jaffna lagoon, Sri Lanka. Gerreids are economically important fish found along the coastal regions of Sri Lanka. Seven species namely Gerres abbreviatus, Gerres acinaces, Gerres filamentosus, Gerres lucidus, Gerres oblongus, Gerres oyena and Pentaprion longimanus have been recorded in Sri Lankan waters. However, only two species of gerreids, Gerres abbreviatus and Gerres oblongus have been recorded from the Jaffna lagoon, so far. During the present investigation samples were collected from Pasaiyoor, Kurunagar, Kakkaiteevu and Ponnalai coastal areas from commercial catches by siragu valai, hand nets, hook and line and bottom trawling. The morphometric characters were observed, measured and examined and three new species of gerreids were recorded. Those are Gerres filamentosus, Gerres acinaces and Gerres lucidus. The distinctive features to identify those species and a key for identification discussed in detail in the present study. The record of these species is an important contribution to ichthyofauna of Northern Sri Lanka. The occurrence of these species in the Jaffna lagoon can be explained that they may have migrated due to the environmental changes from the Indian ocean.

ASCI-ID: 54-126

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