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Research Article
Survival and Growth of the Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii in Relation to Different Nutrients Composition

Laleh Abbaspour Davassi

Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, 2011, 6(6), 649-654.


The objective of this study is to assess the effect of different nutrients composition on growth rate of Macrobrachium rosenbergii and its Survival and growth during the preparation of diet. The experiment was set up with 5 dietary treatments with change in their composition. The study was conducted in 5 aquariums with stocking density of 30 prawns. The investigation was conducted for 6 month. Generally, the maximum survival rate (40) was recorded at the diet III including protein 45%, while lowest survival rate (13.33) was observed at the diet V including highest protein. Significantly higher growth for final body weight (35.5 g), specific growth rate (2.04) and improving in normalized biomass index (3.99) were observed in groups of prawn fed diets III (including protein 45%) In addition the growth significantly declined at the diet V including highest protein (75%). The most suitable diet in supplemented feed for rearing M. rosenbergii should be supplemented with protein level ranged from 30-45%.

ASCI-ID: 54-277

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