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Research Article
A Study on the Effect of Self Care Plan on Activity Daily Living Status in Patient with Cerebro Vascular Accident

Hosein Habibzadeh, Fazlollah Gofranipoor and Fazlollah Ahmadi

Journal of Medical Sciences, 2007, 7(1), 126-130.


Hemiplegy is a major complication of cerebro vascular accident that causes patient experiences various degree of dependency in activity daily living. This dependency encountered some struggles at home and society. It is proved that among health system personnel the nurses are suitable persons to change patients dependency to independency. This study was carried out to determine the ratio effect of self care plan on activity daily living status in patient with cerebro vascular accident. This research is a quasi experimental case-control study. Intervention was accomplished in case group but not in control group. Data gathering instruments were Chasteners and check lists. Sixty patients with CVA were selected through a non random sampling. This patient were assigned in two case and control group (30 per group). The results showed that there was no statistically significant difference on ADL score means in two groups in the pretest (p=0.51). But after intervention used in the case group Home setting we found a significant difference on ADL score means in two groups during the post test period (p<0.01). Finding showed that in post test ADL score means in case group were 32% higher than the control group. And finally the results indicated that there area statistically significant difference between the variables of age, sex, muscular weakness, motor disorder and ADL score means. And finally according to research findings, we emphasized on the importance of nurses role in home care in patient with chronic diseases and the importance of patient follow up in society too. Indeed we confirmed the community oriented nursing perspective.

ASCI-ID: 41-554

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