Review Article
Role of Boswellic Acids in Cancer Treatment

Neeta and Harish Dureja

Journal of Medical Sciences, 2014, 14(6-8), 261-269.


Cancer is perceived as a disease of unregulated communication within cells of the body. Currently chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, photodynamic therapy, hormonal therapy and surgery have been used for cancer treatment. The therapeutic success rate for cancer can be tremendously improved by use of natural products such as Catharanthus roseus, Curcuma longa, Taxus bravifolia, Camptotheca acuminate etc. Boswellic acids are bioactive pentacyclic triterpenes derived from natural plant source (Boswellia serrata) represents one of the most promising anticancer agent. Various anticancer research studies and published data reported on safety of Boswellia serrata showed that boswellic acids can be used for treatment of colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain tumor, leukemia and prostate cancer etc. An attempt has been made in this review to highlight the treatment therapies, different Boswellia species, structural composition and role of boswellic acids in cancer therapy, safety/toxicological profile and interactions of boswellic acids.

ASCI-ID: 41-1280

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