Research Article
Wet Season Collection of Edible Wild Fruits in Three Regions of Ghana

S.K. Boateng, E. Adu Yeboah and J.Y. Amponsah

Journal of Plant Sciences, 2007, 2(3), 353-357.


Edible wild fruit trees which are in fruits during the wet season were collected in three regions of Ghana. Villages and towns bordering forest reserves were targeted for the collection of edible wild fruits. Interviews, group discussions and structured questionnaires were the methods used to get information on the edible wild fruits and their locations. Sixteen accessions of edible wild fruits of which 13 were of different species were collected from the 3 Regions. Four accessions were collected from Central Region and 6 accessions each were from Ashanti and Brong-Ahafo Regions. The habit of the fruit plants was found to be mostly trees, followed by shrubs and then climbers. Most of the fruit plants were found on farmers’ fields with the rest found in forests or fallow lands. The location of the fruit plants in the 3 Regions traversed latitude 05°N to 07°N and longitude 1°W to 3°W.

ASCI-ID: 56-92

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