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Research Article
Computational Evaluation the Impacting Factors of Urban Residential Water Price and Strategies Suggested to Water Pricing in Inland Area: An Empirical Study from Fuyang City

Ke-Rong Zhang and Wu-Yi Liu

Journal of Software Engineering, 2014, 8(4), 287-303.


The pricing of residential water and its supply, especially in water-deficient inland area, are very crucial and urgent for urban people’s living. Fuyang city is a typical inland metropolis being shortage of water resources in China. In order to evaluate the determinants and impacting factors of water pricing, an empirical study was carried out using multivariate regression model to analyze the correlations among residential water price and urban disposable income and water consumption. It was found that the current urban water price is negatively and significantly correlated with the urban per capita disposable income and average water consumption. Confronted with the current increasingly scarce situation of urban water resources and difficulties encountered in the pricing of residential water, some counter measures and suggestions were eventually put forward in order to allocate the urban water resources reasonably in Fuyang city.

ASCI-ID: 57-87

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