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Short Communication
Development of A Low Energy Thermodynamic Water Suction Pump

Riaz A. Wahed and Hafiz A. Bilal

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 1999, 2(3), 1083-1084.


Working principle of an environment friendly water pumping system has been developed that can lift water using surplus thermal energy wasted through hot exhaust gases released from industrial/domestic sectors. It may limit the rising environment temperature through thermal energy exchange with cold water that also absorbs the green house water soluble gases. This system works in two thermodynamic cycles i.e., (i) hot gases enter into a tank and cold water/gases present in the tank are expelled out (ii) the hot gases entry is switched off and cold water is connected to the tank. On cooling, water soluble gases/steam vapours are absorbed and internal temperature and pressure are reduced sucking water from low elevation (but at high pressure) into the tank. The water may be used by agriculture, industrial/domestic sectors. Dissolution of acidic gases may slightly lower the pH of water that can solubilize the precipitated lime improving the structure of soil for agriculture use. The pump can be operated by industrial/domestic exhaust gases, farm/industrial waste, garbage burning chambers and solar thermal energy at negligible working cost.

ASCI-ID: 1-1060

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