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Research Article
Vegetation Comparison of Sacred, Reserved and Unreserved Sites of Rumli Village at Margalla Hills National Park, Islamabad

Muhammad Ibrar Shinwari and Mir Ajab Khan

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 2000, 3(10), 1681-1683.


This study was part of the ethnobotanical work carried out at Margalla Hills National Park, in order to compare the level of biotic interference among three different sites of the same locality. The community on the sacred site was identified as Acacia modesta-Carissa opaca-Oxalis camiculata; on reserved site Acacia modesta-Carissa opaca-Oplismenus burmanii while on unreserved site Phoenix sylvestris-Carissa opaca-Cynodon dactylon community was found. Comparison of the three sites showed a remarkable difference among them. The number of species found on sacred site were less than reserved and unreserved site which suggest more biotic interference on reserved and unreserved sites than on sacred site. The ratio of wood product found on each site was 6:2:1. The similarity index of the three sites was found to be 10.86%. Small qualitative difference in vegetation among all of the three sites and some other observations suggest that the traditional trend among the people to pay homage to the shrines by not disturbing their vegetation is now decreasing due to urbanisation of the culture.

ASCI-ID: 1-1663

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