Research Article
Grafting Compatibility of Cultivated Eggplant Varieties with Wild Solanum Species

M.A. Rahman, M.A. Rashid, M.M. Hossain, M.A. Salam and A.S.M.H. Masum

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 2002, 5(7), 755-757.


Resistant rootstock of six Solanum species and 21 cultivated eggplant varieties were identified against bacterial wilt and the graft compatibility of eggplant varieties was studied with wild Solanum rootstocks. Solanum torvum and Solanum sisymbriifolium showed resistance against bacterial wilt. Most of the cultivated varieties showed susceptibility against bacterial wilt. Three cultivated eggplant varieties viz. sufala, singnath and uttara were grafted on Solanum torvum and Solanum sisymbriifolium. The highest grafting success was 95% in case of Solanum torvum x sufala and the lowest 85% in Solanum sisymbriifolium x singnath. The success of grafting was not affected significantly due to the effect of scion and rootstocks. The grafted plants showed resistance against the disease while the scion plants showed susceptibility in the sick beds. The grafted plants also showed resistance reaction against the disease in the field conditions. The fruit maturity was delayed due to grafting but grafting at least 15 days prolonged the harvesting period. The grafted plants also out yielded the scion plants. The grafting combination Solanum torvum x sufala gave the highest yield compared with other grafting combinations and non-grafted plants.

ASCI-ID: 1-2427

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