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Comparative Study of Organoleptic, Microbiological and Biochemical Qualities of Four Selected Dried Fish in Summer and Winter

K. Azam, M.Z. Basher, M.Y. Ali, M. Asaduzzaman and M.M. Hossain

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 2003, 6(24), 2030-2033.


Organoleptic, microbiological and biochemical qualities of four dried fish samples (Mugil cephalus, Scoliodonshorrakowah, Harpodon nehereus and Setipinna phasa) were assessed in summer and winter season and their qualities were compared. The organoleptic score of the samples collected in winter were higher than summer season. The standard plate count (SPC) of different samples in summer and winter indicated an acceptable microbial load. Total Coliform (TC) counts of the samples in summer and winter were found to vary between <3 MPN g-1 to 4 MPN g-1 and had no differences except for Mugil cephalus (4 MPN g-1 in winter) and Harpodon nehereus (4 MPN g-1 in summer). Total Coliform (TC) counts of rest of the samples were <3 MPN g-1. The faecal coliform counts of all the samples were also <3 MPN g-1. Vibrio and Salmonella were not detected in any of the four samples. A slight variation was observed in moisture, ash, protein and fat content of the samples in summer and winter. Moisture, ash, protein and fat content of Parshe were higher in summer. In case of Mugil cephalus and Scoliodon shorrakowah, TVB-N was higher in winter than summer. TMA-N content of the two species (Mugil cephalus and Scoliodon shorrakowah) showed a similar pattern to that of TVB-N. TVB-N and TMA-N content of the remaining two species i.e. Harpodon nehereus and Setipinna phasa showed a reverse pattern in comparison to Mugil cephalus and Scoliodon shorrakowah. Mugil cephalus and Harpodon nehereus showed higher pH in winter than summer while, the pH in Scoliodon shorrakowah and Setipinna phasa was higher in summer.

ASCI-ID: 1-2962

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