Research Article
Immunization of Balb/C Mice by Protein Fragments of Lizard Leishmania promastigote

B. Kazemi, F. Moazzen, A. Abadi, A. Ghadjari, M. Bandehpour and N. Seyed

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 2004, 7(10), 1699-1702.


The objective of this study was the immunization of balb/C mice by protein fragments of lizard Leishmania promastigote. Mice were divided in 6 case groups and one as control. Each group received a fraction of lizard Leishmania promastigote. Then active pathogenic Leishmania major challenged them separately. We followed up all the case groups (6 groups) till five months after the challenge with Leishmania major together with control group and recorded the lesions diameter. None of the mice manifested detectable wound or nodules, except those at group 6 but the difference compared to control group was not significant according to the Mann-Whitney analytical test.

ASCI-ID: 1-3295

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