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Physicochemical Changes in Thai Pangas (Pangasius sutchi) Muscle During Ice-storage in an Insulated Box

M.I. Hossain, M.S. Islam, F.H. Shikha, M. Kamal and M.N. Islam

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 2005, 8(6), 798-804.


Studies were conducted to evaluate the post-mortem changes in Thai pangas (Pangasius sutchi) during 25 days of ice storage. Rigor mortis progress was measured as parameters of rigor tension. Rigor begins within 1-1.5 h after death in ice and increases gradually with the lapse of storage period. Rigor-index reached maximum of 67.46% in 6 h and did not attain full rigor (100%) and then started relaxation. The organoleptic quality of Thai pangas (Pangasius sutchi) during ice storage was assessed on the basis of the sensory evaluation such as appearance, odour, texture and taste. The initial pH value was around 7.0, which gradually decreased to 5.98 during 14 days of storage period and then increase until the experiment was terminated. The extractability of myofibrillar protein gradually decreased from 88.37 to 52.87% at the end of the 20 days of ice storage. The initial TVB-N value and peroxide value were 1.37 mg/100 g and 1.1 meq kg-1 of oil, respectively which continuously increased with the lapse of storage period. At the end of 20 days of storage TVB-N value and peroxide value were 24.25 mg/100 g and 16.64 meq kg-1 of oil, respectively. There is a large fall of Ca+2-ATPase activity both in presence of 0.1 and 0.5 M KCl during storage period. The overall results indicated that Thai pangas fish was found in acceptable conditions for 20 days of ice storage in an insulated box.

ASCI-ID: 1-3565

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