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Research Article
Physico-chemical and Sensory Evaluation of Ready to Drink Soy-cow Milk Blend

Salim-ur-Rehman, Haq Nawaz, Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmad, Sarfraz Hussain, Anjum Murtaza and Shahid Hafeez Shahid

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 2007, 6(3), 283-285.


Physico-chemical and sensory properties of ready to drink soy-cow milk blend were studied. Different processing techniques were applied to minimize beany flavour of soymilk. It was found that cooking of soybean in water having pH 8 at temperatures ranging from 90 to 100oC for 1h produced soymilk with mild beany flavour. The astringency of soymilk was reduced by blending with cow skim milk powder. Minimum astringency of soymilk was noted in soymilk blended with 50-60% of cow skim milk powder. The overall acceptability of soy-cow milk blend improved with addition of fat and sugar.

ASCI-ID: 100-482

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