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Review Article
Methodological Considerations for the Design of Food Frequency Questionnaires for Toddlers

Farya Mubarik, Janet Warren, Marieke Abrahamse, Jonathan E. Brown and Leilani Muhardi

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 2018, 17(3), 102-115.


The study was designed to provide literature overview on methodology to develop a Food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) for toddlers. Articles were retrieved from 1997 to March, 2016 with predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria. In this study, 24 modified and 13 newly developed FFQs were included. Developing an FFQ for toddler was often performed by modifying elements of adult FFQ such as food lists, portion size and frequency of consumption. Food records/recall were commonly reported for reliability check, but none was reported for validity assessment. It is important to understand the new FFQ’s specific objective with respect to toddler’s dietary data collection.

ASCI-ID: 100-2559

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