Research Article
Effect of Fungicides Against Bipolaris oryzae of Rice Under In vitro Condition

Md. Farid Ahmed, K. M. Khalequzzaman, Md. Nazrul Islam, M. K. Anam and M. Tahasinul Islam

Plant Pathology Journal, 2002, 1(1), 4-7.


Twelve seed samples of rice were tested and all were found infected by Bipolaris oryzae the cause of brown spot disease. Highest (5.5%) and lowest (1.5%) incidence was found in sample of Bhabokhali and Mahozompur, respectively. Four fungicides viz. Bavistin, Hinosan, Tilt 250 EC and Dithane M-45 were evaluated against Bipolaris oryzae. Dithane M-45 was the best with 100% reduction of the prevalence of the pathogen and inhibited the mycelial growth at 0.3% of the seed weight as seed treatments and 500 ppm as mycelial growth inhibition test followed by Tilt 250 EC, Hinosan and Bavistin. All test fungicides were effective against Bipolaris oryzae at higher concentration.

ASCI-ID: 43-7

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