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Research Article
Virus Diseases of Cucurbits in Gaziantep-Turkey

Mehmet Ozaslan, Turkan Aytekin, Berna Bas, I. Halil Kilic, I. Didem Afacan and D.S. Dag

Plant Pathology Journal, 2006, 5(1), 24-27.


Cucurbit growing is affected negatively due to diseases caused by cucurbit viruses. In order to prevent this damage cucurbit viruses were identified by serologically. Due to this study, it is usually difficult to give definitive diagnosis based on symptoms but occasionally symptoms; are curling, wrinkling, spot mosaics, yellowing, shape deformation on leaves, smaller leaves than normal, buff-colored mosaics, observed on younger leaves of cucurbits and stunting , distortion and fruit deformation on the plants. After this, samples collected and taken to laboratory to determine the virus which caused this symptoms and DAS -ELISA tests were performed to determine CMV (Cucumber mosaic virus), CABYV (Cucurbit aphid borne yellow mosaic virus), ZYMV (Zucchini yellow mosaic virus), ToMV (Tomato mosaic virus), PMMV (Pepper mild mottle virus), PXV (Potato X virus), PYV (Potato Y virus) on the samples collected during July-August in 2004. At the end of this test out of 56 samples, 10 were found to be infected with one or more virus. As a result of this study 20 samples were infected by CMV and 22 samples were infected by ZYMV and 3 samples were infected by PVY.

ASCI-ID: 43-118

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