Research Article
Distribution of Apple Scab Race Flora and Identification of Resistant Sources against Venturia inaequalis in Kashmir

M.S. Dar, Irtefa Mohammed, T.A. Sofi, F.A. Ahanger, M.D. Shah, Mushtaq Ahmad, Aflaq Hamid, A.A. Mir, Asha Nabi and B.A. Padder

Plant Pathology Journal, 2015, 14(4), 196-201.


Apple scab caused by a fungus Venturia inaequalis cause enormous losses to growers both qualitatively and quantitatively. In order to manage the crop, farmers routinely spray 8-12 fungicides from pink bud till harvest. Hence, the best strategy to manage the disease is planting apple scab resistant cultivars. In the present study, four races viz., (0), (1), (2) and (1, 2) were reported from various commercial apple growing regions of Kashmir. Apple scab races were spatially distributed in all apple growing regions of Kashmir. Race 1 was most prevalent among the four races. Screening of 31 apple genotypes under controlled conditions revealed majority of commercial cultivars susceptible. Genotypes carrying RVi3 to RVi13 scab resistance genes along with the cultivars American Apirouge, H27, Shireen and Firdous (latter two contain RVi6 scab resistance gene) were found resistant to all the four races present in Kashmir. Resistant genotypes reported in the present study can easily be exploited by breeders for management of apple scab resistance using marker assisted selection approach.

ASCI-ID: 43-437

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