Research Article
Impact of Brand Authenticity on Brand Attitude and Loyalty: The Mediating Role of Self-brand Connection

Hyun Jung Park

Research Journal of Business Management, 2017, 11(2), 74-79.


Background: This study investigates the linkage between brand authenticity, self-brand connection and brand attitude or loyalty to explore how various authentic characteristics of brands can be used for consumers to connect themselves to the brands and reinforce their identity. Materials and Methods: Brand authenticity was operationalized as consisting of factors: Originality, reliability, quality commitment, heritage and consistency. Results: Self-brand connection fully mediated the relationship between brand originality and consumer’s brand attitude or loyalty and partially mediated the relationship between brand reliability or quality commitment and consumer’s brand attitude or loyalty. Brand consistency did not significantly relate to self-brand connection but enhanced brand attitude. Conclusion: This study indicated that efforts to enhance brand authenticity may offer benefits by influencing consumer’s sense of connection to the brand. Self-brand connection generated through perceived authenticity creates favorable responses.

ASCI-ID: 64-158

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