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Research Article
Coastal Flood Phenomenon in Terengganu, Malaysia: Special Reference to Dungun

Muhammad Barzani Gasim, Jumaat H. Adam, Mohd Ekhwan Hj Toriman, Sahibin Abd. Rahim and Hafizan Hj. Juahir

Research Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2007, 1(3), 102-109.


Dungun is one of the seven districts in the Terengganu State, Malaysia, located between 4°36’10“to 4°53’02“N and 103°07’25“to 103°25’50“E. It occupies an area stretching from hilly region in the western to coastal plain in the eastern. Topographically the Dungun district comprises 35% lowland area, 20% swamp and other water bodies and 45% forest reserves. The forest reserve area occupies the hilly region that is found scattered from beach to inland areas. Flood occurs almost every year in Dungun district. During flood, Dungun and its surrounding area was inundation by coastal flood water up to 1.50 m depth. The floods were caused either by tidal surges from the ocean or direct runoff from the rivers. Storm surges cause widespread devastation to low-lying coastal areas. Monsoon season in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia which includes Terengganu is influenced by Northeast monsoon, characterized by heavy rainfall commencing from October and end of March annually. Consequently, severe floods occur almost every year all over Terengganu between November and December. Four factors are identified and related to the occurrence of flood phenomenon in Terengganu: (1) High intensity of rainfall, (2) River regime, e.g., low water current, (3) Back water phenomenon and (4) Velocity and wind direction that opposed to the direction of river flow. The occurrence of flashflood everywhere has caused property damages and lost of life.

ASCI-ID: 68-27

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